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Who are SVA Systems?

SVA-System is part of a company group that has many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of various types of security systems.

SVA-System is part of a small company group that has many years of experience in installations and maintenance of different types of security systems. Together, we are a complete consultant and supplier of physical security solutions. The company started in 2010 as a Nordic importer of ALVIS visual monitoring platform and today has responsibility for several large and smaller facilities around the country. Svasystem also owns the technology that is adapted for the Swedish market.


As an experienced entrepreneur, the founder saw the need to be at the forefront of technology development, which today has led us to become suppliers of both ALVIS and Brivo's cloud-based access systems, which are among the latest innovations in security technology.


We are growing year by year and today we are not only active in the Nordic countries but also around the world where we deliver our solutions. We take security seriously, so our platforms are constantly evolving to maintain top class in both protection and function.


We can help you digitize and streamline time and money with our solutions.

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Meet our Team


Patrick Karström

Business Development/Sales
+4670-240 91 50



Tomas Rick

Production/Application Engineering
+4672-329 14 12


Anthony Karström

Key Account Manager
+4673-533 96 67


Kenneth von Rahmel

Technician Specialist


Christer Karström



Joel Sanneskär


Our References

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