The AlViS family consists of several modules with different tasks. The unique architecture and openness give you as a customer the opportunity to get your own design and a platform that gives quick response in the interaction between AlViS and the underlying system. This is because of how we communicate with the underlying system versus our competitors.

What can we offer?

Graphical overall solution of physical safety and operation regardless of the underlying make (existing or new installation). (CCTV, Burglar Alarm, Access Control System, Fire Alarm, Processes, Temperature, I / O Units) This means that you as a user can see and operate all your facilities in one and the same platform and graphically get an idea of what happened.


AlViS is an open and manufacturer-independent platform which means that all types of subsystems can be connected regardless of which manufacturer manufactures them. As an operator, you only need to learn 1 platform instead of a number of separate systems.

We have over 120 drivers (servers / servers) for different subsystems used for bidirectional communication, which gives the possibility to control and see the status of all units in your plants. ASCII, SNMP, SMS, Email, AT commands, XML.

The graphics in the platform are scalable and flexible, which means that you can build it as desired. If you want to emulate the previous system, you can solve it.

Permissions can be set to just about everything in the system. Who can see what and do what can be set to the users.

Our WEB service provides you unlimited with soft clients accessing LAN or WAN. The system looks just like a fixed desktop station with some minor differences. Any device with a Web Browser can log on and connect to the system. You can apply Windows Authentication at login. A smart thing might be to publish a Web client to the Rescue Service or an Alarm Center.

AlVi's main application is compatible with Windows OS: Server 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), Win7, Win8.1, Win10. AlViS Database can be installed on MS SQL Database. (Express 2008R2 is included in the setup) AlViS can be run in Virtual environments.


You can implement our platform in the best way:

- We deliver, project, install the project to turnkey product in your existing IT environment or external network / structure where you / or we buy new hardware for the purpose - Security as a service (SECaaS) Where we install all software in our own server environment . We provide a secure connection to a Web interface or fixed desktop drives for access to the system. The benefit of SECaaS is reduced maintenance / operating costs as we update / upgrade and monitor the system status.

The advantages of a graphical monitoring and control platform are that you as an operator can quickly and safely see when something happens. You can plan your efforts and minimize the risk of injury and time through faster handling of the case. It will be a cost savings since you can decide what action to take without having to be physically in place. You can simply do more efficient work while saving money / time.

Language / Development / Encryption

  • AlViS and drivers are developed in C ++, C # with different protocols and technologies against underlying systems.

  • Most Camera integrations in ASP.NET and HTML5

  • Web client is developed in PHP.

  • Smart client for Android in Java.

  • The communication between AlViS and Drivers uses well-known algor lessons.

  • AlViS main installation and desktop clients over TCPIP run over RC4.

  • (Only variable values are sent. That is, very small and content-poor packages)

  • Web clients use SSL technology to protect the information.

  • The communication between the Drivers and the underlying system has an encryption based on the underlying system's technology.


What does your facility look like?



We look at what technologies you have. How many units of each technology suite are to be integrated and if you need more clients, web interfaces and special features

The license is adapted to your facility. Each technology has its own driver.

Security agreements are signed so that you always have up-to-date protection against infringement and the latest features of the platform